Wheels come in shapes, sizes, and aesthetics to suit whatever your vehicle type. Wheels have a way of adding character to the overall look of the vehicle, whether it’s a luxury car of a racecar. Wheel upgrades are often necessary if your wheel doesn’t quite provide that level of refinement that you seek. Here are our favorite wheels for 2018, guaranteed to give your vehicle a classy look:

SSR GTV01 Black

SSR is a combination of luxury, and affordability. It is a light-weight high performance wheel, and comes in various sizes and bolt patterns. The SSR gives your Mercedes an incredible look and also blends in with a Miata. Fitments are manufactured to perfection.

Volks Racing TE37 Ultra Wheels

The six-spoked road king is a veteran in the wheel industry. The volks brand is a global name with quite a reputation in the Japanese market. This classic is a touch of perfection, themed with a wide range of color options and extremely light-weighted. The TE37 is built for all road types.

Forgeline Motorsports DE3C

If you are in need of a vehicle wheel that matches your affluence and esteemed personality with the most lavish design carefully structured to create a scene then this is a great choice for you.  Forgeline wheels are reserved for expensive cars with super fast cars that are made for magazine covers.

Enkei RC-G4

The light-weight racing wheel is specially built for the tracks, and certainly holds no grudges with luxury vehicles. Whether it’s a Mitsubishi Evo or a Subaru WRX, the RC-G4 brings its golden luster to the game. It is also available in white.

BBS Super RS

A true classic never loses its game! The BBS is highly dynamic, exuding grace and aggressiveness all at once. Its web-like vintage pattern gives your vehicle an old-school low rider feel. This head-turner is available in silver, black and gold.