The competition for supremacy by wheel brands has never been so critical. There are so many great wheels and rims that it is almost impossible to pick a favorite, unless of course you have a strong bias for a specific brand of wheels. You will always have a hard time picking a set of wheels for your luxury vehicle, and if you are a lover of rims, you are in for a tougher time.

Our list is a deliberate lineup of top-notch rim manufacturers who are giants in their field, with a long business history, years of experience and best reviews as well. We give to you, in no particular order except to your own deductions, our 4 best rim brands in 2018;


Vossen wheel is a brand of luxury, performance, and Hybrid forged wheel using the most advanced flow forming technology to achieve the highest standard in wheel design and efficiency. Vossen utilizes the best CNC machines in the most equipped facility to conduct traditional casting and Hybrid forged processes. The brand is known for producing the best aftermarket rims that are compatible with a wide variety of luxury vehicles such as Alfa Romeo, Acura, Audi, Aston Martins and many more.

  1. BBS

The American wheel brand uses flow forming technology with hydraulic rollers to attain higher material density for alloy wheel rims. The BBS is a dominant brand in the art of one and two piece forged wheel design, with aesthetically flawless rims.

  1. Enkei

The Enkei brand revolutionized racing wheels with tuning technology. It provides the best luxury wheel rims as well as sports racing varieties. Safety and quality are the top priorities of the brand as they deliver light-weight wheels for all purposes.

  1. OZ Racing

An international leader in the wheel industry, the OZ is highly versatile, and utilizing the best wheel technology to globalize light weight alloy wheels for luxury and racing vehicles.