Speed and ease of navigation is greatly affected by the weight of your vehicle.  Bulky cars have their advantages, but a lightweight car always has the off-road advantage. Here are 5 lightweight cars that you are simply going to love:

 Ariel Norad

Every off-road enthusiast understands the importance of big wheels and light weight. From beach buggies to rocky landscapes, when it comes to a machine that can take you deep into the extremities of nature, the Norad is definitely your go-to. The atom shaped car features rear wheel navigation and is built for the toughest terrain.

Caterham Seven

the simplicity of the thrill-blazer makes it an all-time favorite for a cruise on a lonely highway.  It features a 5-speed manual gear box, 14 inch alloy wheels, full windscreen, all-leather seats, and brake master cylinder. The seven gives you more than you bargained for.

Elemental RP1

This is one of those special sports cars that literally open you up to the wind, with no windscreen or side screen.  It features a 2 liter ford Ecoboost capacity, rear wheel six-speed Hewland gearbox. The weight of the vehicle is estimated at 580kg, with and outburst of 0-60 in 2.8 sec. the two seater comes with a cozy little cockpit, every road pilot’s dream.

Ariel Atom

After its launch in the 90’s, the atomic contraption pulled major attention with its peculiar look, its low-rider suspension, and its complex steel structure. it comes with an optional windscreen. The atom ranges from 245bhp-350bhp with an exclusivity that elevates its value.

Westfield Sport 250

A stable balance between luxury and notoriety, the Sport 250 uses a 2.0 liter, turbo charged engine with exceptional power and torque. Its simple chassis provides balance and modern age sophistication. This is one of those timeless designs that always pops up in every generation and still remains a delicious sight to the eyes.