Somehow, it seems like people just haven’t noticed or the Mustang GT’s new engine is a little undervalued and not quite getting the appreciation it deserves considering its prodigious performance. The new Mustang came in with an upgraded and powerful V8 engine, with great concert and sound which can be drowned only when the independent rear suspension is powered. This Shelby GT350 encompasses a rather glamorous 5.2 litre, powerful v8 engine and jostled all other GT engines off the spotlight. There are a lot of things that put the GT350 on the throne, the two most important points are

The smooth sound – sure, it’s the noise expected from a good V8, only more pleasant. It starts off with a low rumble, this ensures that you start your car quietly without waking your neighbours and the low rumble is also abound when car is left on idle and gradually accelerates as the car hits over 7000rpm. The manner in which the engine ensures a droneless, undisruptive sound while you’re cruising along the road is charming and the sound it makes when you drop your foot to the floor is more like a mellifluous growl that you may find yourself wanting to hear over and over again.

The power band – it’s got enough torque on the low end and stays on as you hit the top of the rev range. Twisting is always possible at any point in time, giving you the ability to pull out of a tight traffic spot as fast as possible.

The efficiency –the Mustang GT’s new engine comes with loads of technology such as direct and pot fuel-injection, plasma-coated cylinder linings, variable valve time and so on, this increases its usability in most situations, whether you are commuting or doing hot laps on track. Another great feature of this engine is the Charge Motion Control valve which gives you optimum efficiency at low RPMs with no compromise on its performance. The Mustang also comes with a suspension geometry that is unbeatable, with solid brakes and a six-speed gearbox that’s a delight to handle.